Builds by Beth

Who is this lady?

My name is Beth. I grew up in Indiana. My family was near constantly remodeling or adding on to my childhood home to accommodate our every growing numbers. I had no idea then how useful those experiences would be later on.

I am married to my college sweetheart. We have 4 kids, all born in under 5 years. It was during the early years of being a mom that I began to see my experiences with building and tools as a welcome, cost affective and often necessary part of building, furnishing and caring for a home full of wild kids.

We have renovated 3 of our homes in the last 18 years and we are working on our 4th. Aaron and the kids specialize in demolition while I plan, design, paint, fix and rebuild. Our current home is in the heart of Florida. Each home and the needs of our family during each stage have brought different challenges and taught us many lessons (toilet water floods, frozen pipes, always have a plan B, what to blow the budget on, septic issues). The Florida House is no exception (roaches, termites, snakes, termites, hurricanes and an elevator).

Along with fixing up our houses, I was inspired by other bloggers in the early 2000’s to build furniture (Check out This interest has grown from building what we needed to a small side business of making and refinishing pieces for others. At one point, even our kids were making yard games.

I hope to share past and present adventures to inspire, teach and (hopefully) entertain.

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Published by Beth Johnson

Wife/Mom of 4/CraftyCraftswoman 4th Home renovation Journey Carpenter/Maker My Family is my best build. Everything I make is something that we needed in my home. I hope y’all will find some inspiration to take into yours.

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